Recruitment Outsourcing

At Outsourcing 4 you we take the time to understand the image you want to present to your clients and train our staff
to represent your company’s goals.

Good customer care does not only keep existing clients but can also increase your client base.

Customer acquisition has been proven to cost 4 to 10 times more than retaining an existing customer. You have the clients, now you have to keep them. With the right customer care, word of mouth alone can contribute to an increase in customers by 50%. Our current partners have experienced 100% client retention. We ensure every customer is treated as an individual with a personalized experience, we don’t believe in a robotic system. We ensure your customers are not waiting to talk to a machine, but passed straight through to a well informed, understanding, well spoken, multilingual employee.


We use methods to optimize your brand and create a long standing positive company image. We will help build your business in image and efficiency with:

  • Claims processing
  • Merchant authorization
  • Order management
  • Product questions
  • Warranty service
  • Payments / refunds
  • Merchant check validation
  • Complaint and issue resolution
  • Account adjustments/billing questions
  • Technical Support

    Technical support and services directly represent your company’s image. Having the right technical support is crucial to maintain positive brand loyalty. Negative technical support is the fundamental cause for customer loss. We take several measures to ensure your customers receive the best possible technical support starting with our tele executives. Our telesupport staff have confidence when presented with problems, and are well informed and sympathetic towards the customer. All staff are trained to take a step by step approach when tackling problems. Our tele executives are dedicated to your campaign and once assigned do not move departments, which ensures they understand and are up to speed on how to tackle problems specific to your campaign.

    Benefits you gain working with us

    Outsource Risk

    We take the risk by providing you with a team of ready functioning sales experts. They are fully adaptable and managed by experienced sales executives with years of experience in inbound and outbound telesales. We are confident our team will produce results whatever the campaign. We offer a variety of agreements with our partners and each one is tailored to your needs. Having a ready, high functioning sales team means we are confident you will start seeing results very early on. This combined with our marketing deals enables you forecast business results with ease.

    Image & Communication

    We understand communication with your clients is key, and our services connect you directly to your client base while maintaining a high standard of customer care and multilingual services. We ensure that our fully trained staff represents your business in a professional and friendly way, and all questions are answered quickly, competently and professionally. When we employ our telesales executives we look only for the best. Once with us they begin a comprehensive month of initial training with continuous ongoing support thereafter. During this time they learn how to sell to clients with non-aggressive sales techniques while still producing results with high conversion rates.


    Lead Generation
    Data Verification
    Services Appointment
    Scheduling Surveys
    and Up-selling


    SMS (Short Message Service)
    Written correspondence
    Social Media Sites